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Le Step Director (Brisbane)

Mick French - is the director of Le Step Pty Ltd, with its headquarters in Brisbane and a branch on the Gold Coast.

Mick and Rach were married in December 1996 and now have three children, Eamon (2000) and Tiana (2003) and Mia (2006).

Starting in late 1992, Mick originally learnt some dance moves in Brisbane under the instruction of Dr David Gotley, who in late 1990 was the first person

Rach & Mick French
in Australia to teach Modern Jive. Back then, David colloquially referred the dance form as both Ceroc and Le Roc but it's now known generically as Modern Jive.

In 1994, Mick went on a working holiday to London where he studied modern jive under some of the original gurus like Michel Ange Lau (the 'godfather' of modern jive) and Christine Keeble. He became a member of the well respected Le Roc Demo Troupe which performed across the UK and even in front of Princess Michael of Kent and on another occasion in front of Fergie when raising money for 'Children Nationwide'! Whilst living in London, Mick danced at a variety of venues and even taught classes with Christine Keeble, who produced the original modern jive video (on VHS) - "How to Jive".

On 9th November 1994, Mick started to teach modern jive as a hobby. At the end of 1996, he resigned from full-time teaching (although he still did relief teaching) to allow opportunity to expand the Le Step business and increase the professional standard of the dance.

As the director, Mick runs the Queensland Open Modern Jive Championships held in Queensland but has also competed at the highest standard of national events. You'll usually find Mick judging competitions but he usually takes time out to compete in the fun Dance with a Stranger (DWAS) sections where you meet your partners on the floor as the music starts. Mick has won first place in this section in both Sydney and Melbourne and also has a string of other awards for his dancing.

As well as dancing, Mick enjoys Le Step because he gets to meet and mix with lots of different people from all different walks of life.

Rach met Mick in 1995 and started modern jive at that time. She is a primary school teacher and plays an active role in the management of the Le Step Dance Company. Before having Eamon she regularly performed with Mick and the Le Step Demo Crew at events across Brisbane and at interstate competitions . Rach now spends a lot of time being a mother to Eamon, Tiana and Mia but is still very active in Le Step's event management and still loves being able to dance socially at parties.