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What is Modern Jive?

Jive dance has been around for ages, but "Modern Style Jive" is the latest style that has been taken from continental Europe and developed into the dance for modern people. With a really modern style, it always looks great whether you're at a nightclub strutting your stuff, at a friend's wedding or at a party!

Jive first began in the Jazz age in New York's Harlem district and was first called the Lindyhop. In the Swing era it spread across the U.S., becoming known as the Jitterbug, and American G.I.'s took it across the globe in World War II. The fifties era of Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" turned it into Rock 'n' Roll or Jive.

In the U.K., the swinging 60's craze for the "Twist" blew partner dancing apart, giving rise to lone disco dancing. A whole generation forgot how to partner dance. However, in continental Europe, the French were intent on keeping hold of their partners and so the dance evolved further and came to suit modern disco beats and was tighter, more stylish and became suitable for smaller dance floors.

Over the past twenty or so years, the dance has continued to develop and evolve into it's current ultra-modern form.

Now this sensational dance is available in Brisbane for your fun, fitness and friendship!

Parts of this page hae been paraphrased with permission from C. Keeble.