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New to Le Step?

If you're New To Le Step, welcome!

We are delighted that you're here and having a look around. This section of the site is designed to help people who are new to our classes get some idea of how things work and what to expect.

To navigate our site; mouse-over the major headings above which show drop-down menus. When you click these headings more sub-headings often appear in the menu on the left side of the page.

Our classes are designed for people who have no prior experience of any form of dance or have tried every style under the sun! Although it is a form of partner dancing, you don't need to provide your own partner. Our class go through rotations - the girls or guys will move along every few minutes and "rotate" through the whole group so that everyone winds up dancing with partners of a wide variety of standards. This will make sure that you get to dance with some other beginners as well as the more advanced dancers who'll be able to help you out when you're feeling a little unsure as to exactly which bit of you goes which way and when!

Our new structure of classes features lots of repitition of base moves with plenty of variety to keep you interested as you're learning.

We also have a group of Crew Dancers who are there to help you find your feet fast. They are always available for anyone to dance with at any time. If they aren't busy dancing, then they'll be looking for someone to drag up onto the dance floor - it could be you!

Regular Beginner Workshops are held to help our newer dancers get a really quick start to their dancing. These intensive workshops focus on things at a much greater depth than our regular weeknight classes allow.

All of our Social Functions are for all people to attend if they want and some of them don't involve dancing!

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When you attend our classes we get you to sign a Membership Form.
Rather than filling it out at class, you can fill it out online now and bring the completed form to class.

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