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Dance Links

Australian Modern Jive
Other Australian Dance
International Modern Jive
Other International Dance

Australian Modern Jive Dance Links & Contacts

Victoria in Melbourne. for more Melbourne dance action.

New South Wales Nu-Roc Dance Company in Sydney. in Sydney. in Sydney. in Newcastle. in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Australian Capital Territory in Canberra.

Western Australia in Perth.

South Australia
For Modern Jive Classes in Adelaide visit

Other Australian Dance Links of Interest

General Dance Sites for Modern Jive and a variety of other dance styles taught on the Gold Coast at Kent and Emma's (Le Step On the Coast directors) Dance Studio - Dance H.Q..

For West Coast Swing classes in Brisbane Queensland visit Raw Connection.
Classes taught by Allan and Holly Skinner who are also directors of Le Step On the Coast. for the national professional dance advocacy organisation for dancers, choreographers, directors and educators. - Listing of various dance styles.

International Modern Jive Dance Links

New Zealand - Le Bop in Zew Zealand. - Ceroc in New Zealand.

United Kingdom for heaps of info on Modern Jive. for a huge listing of Modern Jive Venues in the United Kingdom - where it all began! for Ceroc in Scotland. for the junkies overseas who need a fix!
National UK Directory for Ceroc, Le Roc and all other styles of Modern Jive in the UK. formerly known as Ceroc South in the UK. are around West Sussex, Surrey and Kent in the UK.

Asia in Singapore

John Ellis' Homepage - if you're ever in Chicago...

Other International Dance Sites of Interest - for all the hip, jive-loving cats out there! based in the United States - a great place for questions on just about anything to do with dancing. You need to register to be able to post questions or replies. - Ceroc Dance Company in South Africa