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Networking through Le Step

This Networking Page is just getting started and is for our regular dancers only to advertise their goods and services.
We have included their photos so you'll know who they are when you see them at classes.

Lots of people come to Le Step to get away from work but it's also great place to meet people and often those people are people who you'd like to do business with.

So, if you regularly attend Le Step classes and would like to let people know about what you do, please contact us to chat about free or paid advertising on our site.

Please remember that whilst it's great to make contacts at Le Step, many people come dancing to get away from their day job. So, whilst we encourage you to meet people at our classes - we also encourage you to do a quick swap of business cards/phone numbers and catch up at another time to chat about work!

Enjoy your dancing and let them do the same.
Happy networking!

We do not personally endorse the following individuals/businesses but have provided their information here for you so you can deal with people from our classes. Please visit our full disclaimer for Le Step's full disclaimer statement.

Pre-purchase property inspections
Property Management

Real Estate


Vehicle Paint Repairs and Polishing

Web Sites & C.M.S.

Liam French "...has had the pleasure of travelling & photographing people, landscapes, flora & fauna in over 16 countries.

In his portrayal of lifestyle and culture, Liam aims to capture the hearts & thoughts of both the subject and it's viewer through a single image... a thumbprint on life."

Call Liam on 0412 174 111 to arrange a meeting or visit his web site www.Liam French to view his portfolio.

Pre-purchase Property Inspections
Brent & Debbie Smith - Pre-purchase property inspections.
Fully licensed and insured
Available 7 days, prompt & reliable
Summary of repairs and costs
Pest inspections arranged
24 page report issued onsite by business owner
Call Brent - PHONE: 33881982 MOBILE: 0412626577

Property Management
Deborah Sargent - Parkhill Realty
Deborah Sargent - MANAGER - Parkhill Realty

If you are purchasing an investment property or you are not happy with how your property is being managed at present, you might like to have a chat with Deb from Parkhill Realty. This is a boutique agency that specialises in personal, quality management for properties in a 70km radius of Brisbane.

Have a chat at class or give Deb a call on 0400 266 228.



Dave Elliston - Rendering
Dave Elliston
Dave Elliston recently rendered Mick and Rach's house and it looks fantastic! Dave takes heaps of pride in his work and his work is excellent! So, if you want some rendering done at your place catch up with Dave at a class or call him on 0419 023 580.

Real Estate

Leanne Keevers
As a regular Le Step dancer, I am of course happy to help anyone at Le Step with property market appraisals, any general questions or of course buying or selling property.

I operate mostly within the 5km radius of the city but I do go further out when the opportunity arises.

If you would simply like to receive market updates by email � please email me at including your full name and best contact number.

If you see me at dancing � come and say hi � I would love to meet you!

Feel free to contact me anytime on 0405 807 107


Accolade Trophies
Rob Goad
Each year we get heaps of great feedback about the standard of our competition trophies that we get through Rob.
Rob specialty is being able to do 'sublimation printing' which basically means he can print anything (including photos) onto metal.
Rob also produced our Le Step crew name badges and can personalise your coffee mug - or put your 'mug' on your school/club name badge.

Contact Rob through>>

Vehicle Paint Repairs and Polishing
Dave Macrell - Duco Magic
Scratches and chips on your car?
Have them repaired without expensive resprays

Want to see your car's duco look new again? or just want more $$$ when selling.
Amazing full exterior makeovers.

Mobile service to your home or work
For free quotes contact Dave 0413 315 887

Discounts for dancers of course!

Web Sites and Content Management Systems

Kate Finch - 2am Webworks
Kate Finch
Kate Finch (nee Hickman) and her husband Joel run 2am Webworks that developed the C.M.S. (Content Management System) that makes this site so easy to navigate and update.

If your business or the company you work for are looking for a great web site please contact Kate & Joel who will look after you.

Any feedback on this site? Please contact Kate.

Email: Kate Finch
Office: +61 7 3395 8833