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Virtual Membership Cards

It's here... you now have the option of having a standard physical membership card or a virtual card on your phone - or both.
Simply present your virtual at class and we will scan your barcode straight from the phone.

As more and more businesses adopt this technology it means you can have not only your Le Step membership card but lots of other membership cards stored on your phone instead of making your wallet or purse really bulky with cards.

Get your virtual card now.

Download here.

Android Phones
Download here.

What to do next?
Download the eCredible app.
Click the wallet catch to find options.
Choose sign-up for a new card.
Sign up for a Le Step Card.

There's heaps more info on the VCA web site.

For virtual cards we have issued at class:
If your Membership card does not download to your eCred wallet, please let us know as it probably means we don't have your correct mobile phone number.
Please be aware that your experience with the eCred virtual wallet/purse will be fairly simple until more and more and more businesses sign up for the application and all its benefits. In the meantime, enjoy the fact that you are part of a new experience. Le Step Brisbane is currently one of just a few businesses in Queensland that is on eCred but lots more will follow, including some big name companies that we cannot mention just yet!

I (Mick) have decided to market the eCredible application here in Queensland under the name of Virtual Cards Australia.

As such I am in a very privileged position to help any dancers who have businesses that would benefit from a virtual membership or loyalty cards.
If you want to chat more (with no pressure to use the system) please give me a call on 0412 174 111.
If it works for your business then great and if it doesn't that's fine too.

Think of it this way, if it's in your wallet we can probably put it on a phone instead.

The VCA web site is divided into two sections;
1. eCred for Business
2. eCred for Consumers.