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What is Le Step?

So, what is it?
Check out the TV commercial produced by our 'Le Step On the Coast' group.
If you'd like more info about modern partner dancing at Le Step at the Gold Coast please check out their new web site at

Simply put, Le Step is modern blend of the best partner moves you can lay your eyes on, combined with some really modern style moves and grooves!

It is a modern form of partner dance that is designed for modern people dancing to the latest Top 40s music. It's quick and easy to learn, even if you've never danced before! The classes are designed to be fun & you don't need to bring a partner.

The classes are surprisingly easy even for those with no experience and designed to be fun. It's a great way to keep fit and fantastic way to meet new people. You don't have to sign up for an expensive 6 or 12 week course and best of all - you don't need to bring a partner!

Where did the name "Le Step" come from?
Originally we traded under the name Le Roc French Style Jive but, as we grew and developed, the name Le Step was a logical progression because step was the colloquial name used to describe the modern footwork taught by our dance group.

The older and more traditional 'Le Roc' footwork developed in France is best suited to fifties style Rock 'n' Roll rather than the modern dance music. Le Roc is the more generic name given to the dance form in Europe but now most of the Le Roc groups in Australia now also teach the modern Step Footwork.

Le Step is the name people often use to talk about the form of modern jive taught by the "Le Step Modern Dance Company" (Le Step Pty Ltd) in Brisbane, Ipswich and on the Gold Coast.

Is this style of dance known by any other name?
It certainly is! Lots of people have different names for the style of Modern Jive taught by Le Step Pty Ltd. There are also a number of companies throughout the world who teach similar styles of Modern Jive. To list a few, some of the business/company names and trademarks used around the world include Le Roc, Leroc, Ceroc, Rocla, Cosmopolitan Jive, Original Le Roc, LeJIVE. Therefore, because like "Le Step", they are company names and/or trademarks, they are clearly not generic. 'Be Bop' is a similar style done in France. So, despite what you may have been lead to believe in the past, there are heaps of names used to refer to this dance and the most generic name for this modern style of partner dance is "Modern Jive"and not the associated company names.

We have been associated in various ways with other dance groups including Le Step On the Coast (Gold Coast), Le Step Redcliffe, Le Bop (Melb), Ceroc Melbourne (Melb), Ceroc & Modern Jive (Syd), Ceroc Australia (Syd), Le Roc/Ceroc Club Brisbane (Bris), and Ceroc & Modern Jive Perth.

This can get quite confusing but, suffice to say that whatever you call it, it's a modern form of dance - and it's great fun!