Welcome to Le Step Dance Company.


If there is any disability, illness, or injury that may be affected or aggravated by participating in a class or activity, YOU must NOT participate until discussing this with a mainstream teacher. Such disclosure will be kept confidential.

INDEMNITY TO: LE STEP Pty Ltd. and any other Le Step group, franchise, branch, or licensee (“the Instructor/s”). I acknowledge and agree that as a student of the Instructor, in consideration of the Instructor allowing me to attend the class or classes (whether a group class or a private lesson) and/or events run by it, I agree with the Instructor as follows:

  1. I acknowledge that the classes are private classes, and I agree to be bound by any rules and regulations that the Instructor issues regarding the conduct of the class/es or any other activity or event organized by the Instructor.

  2. To release the Instructor and its individual teachers from all liability for any claim or demand or damage or personal injury or illness sustained by me: (a) arising from or in respect of my participation in any class or other activity (dance-related or otherwise) arranged by or on behalf of the Instructor, whether or not the injury is caused by the Instructor or any other person participating in the class or activity wherever the class or activity is held; (b) whether or not the damage, personal injury, or illness arises from the negligence or breach of any statutory duty of the Instructor or any other member of the class or activity.

  3. I agree to obey the Instructor at all times and acknowledge that my participation in the class or any other activity provided by the Instructor may be terminated at any time by the Instructor.

  4. I confirm that I do not have any condition, injury, or illness that could be aggravated by my participation in the classes or events other than disclosed by me as above, and I acknowledge that the Instructor is relying on this statement in allowing me to participate. If I suffer any such illness or injury, I agree to notify the Instructor in writing immediately.

  5. I acknowledge that: (a) in the conduct of the class and general dance time, or other activity (including competition) some physical contact will occur between myself and the Instructor or myself and other members of the class; and (b) I consent to that contact being made; and (c) I will not hold the Instructor or any other member of the class responsible for any injury or illness I may suffer in respect of that contact.

  6. Persons under 18 years old (and parent/guardian) must identify themselves to the Door Staff and the Venue Manager and sign a separate ‘Under 18’s’ document. Children under 13 years old may not attend our classes. Children aged 13–15 years old are welcome with parental/legal guardian supervision. Children aged 16+ may attend regular nightly classes subject to parents/legal guardians signing them in at their first session. I acknowledge that the Instructor’s Blue Card ‘Risk Assessment Policy’ includes the right to evict anyone from any class or activity at any time and without warning or reason if they breach or appear to breach any guidelines for creating a safe environment for minors.

  7. The Instructor reserves the right to use personal information for statistical purposes and to inform clients of events via mail, email, phone, text, social media, or any other form of advertising. I can be removed from mailing lists at any time.

  8. The Instructor takes the security of personal data seriously and will not be held responsible for any issue/claim arising from corruption/loss of data or unauthorized access to personal information.

  9. During the course of the classes, the Instructor will make known to me a method of dance and teaching method/s. The Instructor may have proprietary rights in relation to this method or certain parts of it, and the methods may be regarded as confidential. I agree any method is made known to me by the Instructor solely for the purpose of me participating in the class and learning the method for my own personal use. I agree not to use the method for any other purpose. In particular, I agree not to describe any part of the method to any person at any time without the Instructor’s written consent, except as is generally available in the public domain.

  10. By participating in classes or workshops with the Instructor, I agree not to directly or indirectly open, manage, operate, consult, or participate in the ownership, control, teaching, or management of any Modern Jive dance studio or classes within a 50km radius of any of the Instructor’s locations for a period of one year after my last class.

  11. The dancing or practice of Aerial Moves is subject to suitable instruction from ‘the Instructor’s mainstream teachers & suitable practice as per workshop notes. Aerials are forbidden on busy dance floors (including at events) and are forbidden at regular nights during any freestyle time before the end of the Intermediate class.

  12. I acknowledge that the Instructor is not liable for any claim or demand or damage or personal injury or illness sustained by me as a result of any social function I may choose to participate in, even if the event is arranged, organized, or directed by the Instructor, its Directors, members, clients, or any third party.

  13. I acknowledge the sole & exclusive rights of Le Step Pty Ltd in the name 'Le Step' and associated images. I agree not to use the name ‘Le Step’ or logos or associated images in relation to any business trading.

  14. I certify that all information provided by me to the Instructor in the application form attached, or in any other way is true and correct. By signing the attached registration form, I confirm that I am over the age of eighteen (18) years and have read and understood the terms of this application before signing. Or, as I am under eighteen years of age, I have obtained permission to participate in the classes from my parent/guardian and will have them sign on my behalf before participating in any activity organized by the Instructor.

  15. I hereby acknowledge that the Instructor’s classes, events, and functions may involve the taking of photographs or videos by the Instructor or authorized individuals. By participating, I grant the Instructor and its affiliates the right to use such recordings (including but not limited to photo and video) for promotional, instructional, or archival purposes without any obligation to me. If I have concerns about my images being used, I understand that I can request not to be recorded.

  16. I acknowledge and agree that the taking of photographs or videos of fellow participants during Le Step Dance Co. classes, events, and functions is strictly prohibited without the explicit consent of the individuals being photographed or filmed. I understand that respecting the privacy and consent of others is essential, and any violation of this policy may result in immediate termination of my participation in the class or event.

  17. If any part of this disclaimer is judged by a court to be invalid, such judgment shall not affect the remainder of this agreement, which shall continue in full force and effect. Please remember to present your Membership Card at every class and event.