Need a bit of help to get started or prepare for a special event?

Why do MJĀ  for your wedding dance?
It looks great! It's modern. With a bit of practice it easy to learn a few moves. There's limited footwork to contend with. Whatever music you have chosen we can almost certainly help you. (Or we can suggest some music if you don't already know what you want. You'll be able to use it again and again at parties, weddings or whatever.

Want a Private Dance Class for yourself or your friends?

  • We can arrange private classes with some of our best dancers and teachers.
  • Classes can be arranged for individuals or for couples or for small groups.
  • Please see our class price list for current rates or phone the offices for a chat about what might suit your needs. Brisbane: 0412 174 111

Why Le Step?
We will have you looking great for your wedding. (It's not old time jive but a modern form of jive.) Our approach to your wedding dance will give you the confidence you need. We're professional. Our classes are convenient. We're affordable. (We don't charge any extra just because it's your wedding.) If you're not sure yet, we are very happy for you to come have a look at what we do. Just show up at any class to see our group classes and general dance time (known as 'freestyle' time).



You choose how many lessons as you go.
Price per hour $90

5 private lessons + 1 group class each. Valued at $482
For a limited time $400 pre-paid

8 private lessons + 1 monthly pass each.
Valued at $896
For a limited time, $640 pre-paid 'Group classes' refers to our public evening classes held at our regular venues. 'Monthly Passes' are valid at all our our regular venues.

Private dance classes are for everyone.
Not getting married but just want some private dance classes? You don't have to be the 'bride and groom' or even attending a wedding to purchase some private classes. Private classes can really help kick-start or improve your dancing ability. Instructional DVDs are also a great way to practice in the privacy of your own home.

More info

Prices listed here are per couple.

Classes are generally run early evenings at our regular nightly venues but may be arranged for other times and locations by negotiation with our dance instructors.

All enquiries for Brisbane private/wedding classes should be directed to or Mick on 0412174111.